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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Natural Cure for Emphysema With Some Recommended Herbs

By Eric A. Almodiel

If you're one of the millions of people who have been on cigarettes for a long time, there is a big probability that you already have acquired emphysema. The scientific definition of emphysema is "a chronic, irreversible disease of the lungs characterized by abnormal enlargement of air spaces in the lungs." In short, this is a lung disease that as of yet has no known scientific cure. Symptoms include being easily fatigued, shortness of breath, and having difficulty taking in oxygen after exerting even the slightest movements.

The process of how emphysema is dangerous is actually a simple one. The body needs oxygen to live. We take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. People with emphysema have a hard time doing these two simple things. This can cause a lot of complications, including erythrocytosis, which means the person's blood contains an unusually high level of red blood cells. Symptoms may include dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, and many more.

Most people who suffer from emphysema are guilty of having been long-term smokers. The problem with this is that the symptoms do not generally come out until years after the start of smoking. It usually comes out when the individual's physical attributes start to deteriorate and this is where emphysema starts to work.

There are a few cases where emphysema is genetic in nature (for example, alpha 1 antitrypsin). Majority, though, are chain smokers. Tobacco or marijuana, it doesn't really matter. If they're regular smokers, they have a big chance of developing this dreaded disease.

Here are some of our recommended natural cure for emphysema:
Astralagus - Chinese herb that speeds up the healing in the bronchial tubes and clears the lungs for better breathing.
Clearlungs - an herbal combination from Ridgecrest that promotes healing from shortness of breath and other respiratory-related symptoms.
Cordyceps - works within the Chinese belief that the kidney and the lungs are in synergy, and cordyceps produce excellent oxygenation for the kidneys.
Ephedra or Thyme - are also great for respiratory orders. Be warned though, ephedra is not recommended for those suffering with anxiety, glaucoma, or heart disease.
Licorice extract - they help increase the energy levels and also improve internal organ functions. Be careful not to overuse this though (not more than 7 days in a row) as it can rapidly elevate blood pressure.
Other useful herbs - Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Fresh Horseradish, Mullein Tea and Rosemary.

There is one [http://naturalcurefordiseases.info] Natural cure for emphysema that is gaining popularity across the medical fields because of its simplicity yet powerful healing nature. This is the self-administered oxygen therapy. All diseases (emphysema, AIDS, cancer, heart disorders, etc) are caused by viruses or bacteria, this is the basic truth. They need a body almost devoid of oxygen to thrive. Therefore, logic suggests that by supplying oxygen to the body, these bacteria cannot survive. If the body has the right amount of oxygen, the viruses and microbes cannot live. IF you are interested in knowing more about this revolutionary therapy, explore it and we can help you.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Natural-Cure-for-Emphysema-With-Some-Recommended-Herbs&id=6967326] Natural Cure for Emphysema With Some Recommended Herbs

Emphysema Life Expectancy, and What You Can Do About It

By Sherly Bakemeier

To be honest about it, emphysema life expectancy is not very encouraging. This disease affects a person progressively and it is irreversible and thus life expectancy because of emphysema is certainly affected. Alternative treatments may however offer some help. Not only humans, emphysema attacks animals too. For example, canine emphysema is not that uncommon.

Prior to antibiotics, infection in the lungs, particularly by the tubercular bacilli that caused pulmonary tuberculosis could not be cured - doctors merely described the disorder as a "wasting disease". Even today, after the invention of multi-powered drugs, TB remains as one of the toughest diseases to be fully cured.

Emphysema, which also involves the lungs, is yet another difficult to cure disease. As a matter of fact, modern day medics cannot cure it at all. While pulmonary tuberculosis is manageable with highly potent antibiotics that can eventually kill the bacilli before the bacilli can kill the patient, no antibiotic can repair the holes in the lungs that has been caused by the alveoli. And this is the tragedy of emphysema.

The Emphysema Disease And Its Life Expectancy

Emphysema is a chronic and progressive pulmonary (lung) disorder and it is characterized by breathing symptoms that include shortness of breath, difficulties in breathing and a feeling of being winded during exertion. Though the symptoms in emphysema and chronic bronchitis are more or less similar, emphysema's breathing trouble is a unique and singular phenomenon.

Studies reveal that emphysema is more prevalent in men above the age of 65 years. And if someone is diagnosed with the disease at this age, many doctors give the person a maximum of 3 years to live. Children and those in pregnancy can also be a victim. Of course though life expectancy takes a beating here too, but they can expect to live for longer. It can be said that the life expectancy goes down with age. But on the positive side, at least emphysema is not contagious and so there is no risk of the family members getting affected.

The distinguishing symptoms include as much as 35% to 55% damage in the lung tissues, and most of such damage is beyond repair. Based on the results of breathing tests (PFT or the Pulmonary Function Test) there are 4 successive stages of emphysema and they are...

Stage 1 - Mild

Stage 2 - Moderate

Stage 3 - Severe

Stage 4 - Very severe or Terminal

Emphysema Life Expectancy And The Role Of Spirometry

Spirometry is employed to measure the volumes/percentage of exhaled air by the patient in a second. This is medically termed as FEV 1 or Forced Expiratory Volume over one second. This is an important test because it gives the doctor an estimate about the patient's health status and how long he or she may live. For a normal healthy person, the Spirometer reading will hover between 80 and 100. But for an emphysema patient whose reading is below 35, the person will belong to Stage 4, and this will mean that he or she is not expected to live for long. However, with some information and effective measures, the person will be certainly able to survive for many years.

Diagnostic test results apart, several other factors also help determine emphysema life expectancy. These include the patient's body weight (lower weight indicates a greater risk), how much he or she can cover before experiencing breathing problems, the ability to resist viral or other infections and others.

To improve emphysema life expectancy, doctors usually prescribe long-term oxygen therapy and this also eases the breathing problems. Small, handy oxygen cylinders can provide 24-hour supply of oxygen, thereby increasing the life expectancy to a great extent. But the key is to act according to the physician's advice.

Sherly Bakemeier is an observer for [http://www.chronicbronchitistreatment.net/emphysemalifeexpectancy.htm]Emphysema Life Expectancy. Please visit her [http://www.chronicbronchitistreatment.net]Chronic Bronchitis Treatment site for latest update.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Emphysema-Life-Expectancy,-and-What-You-Can-Do-About-It&id=4229733] Emphysema Life Expectancy, and What You Can Do About It

Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Emphysema You Should Watch Out For

By Juanita Swindell

Emphysema can be a debilitating condition that affects a person's ability to breathe properly and safely. It can also lead to far more serious medical conditions, like COPD, and eventually to heart disease because of a remarked lack of oxygen in the blood going to the heart. Signs and symptoms of this disease can be painful to endure and difficult to diagnose because of their similarity to other respiratory diseases. However, it is important that they should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Risk Factors

Simply put, the lifestyle habit that puts most people at risk for developing emphysema is smoking. Lifelong smokers, as well as the people who live around them, are at the highest level of risk for developing this disease, as well as other respiratory diseases that can lead to a very limited quality of life because of the potential for damage to the lungs. If you smoke, stop now, for the sake of your lungs, and future.

Others at risk for developing this disease are those who are routinely exposed to pollutants breathed in through the lungs. Carbon monoxide and caustic chemicals rank nearly as high as cigarette smoke, even second-hand smoke, as a risk of developing breathing difficulties later in life.

Primary Symptoms of Emphysema

The first sign of trouble that most people will notice with this disease is a marked shortness of breath. Even the easiest and simplest exercise will leave a person unable to draw a deep breath and may leave them feeling light-headed or even dizzy afterwards. This is due to a reduced amount of oxygen being drawn through damaged and weakened lungs, the hallmark of this condition.

Anyone who develops a chronic cough, especially one that will come on so suddenly that they cannot no longer draw air into their lungs, should also see their doctor as soon as they can for diagnosis and potential treatment. As this disease progresses, the tiny air sacs within the lungs that help bring oxygen to the blood become weakened and less flexible and chronic fits of coughing is a sure sign that they may have been damaged beyond repair.

Warning Signs

As the disease progresses, breathing will become more and more difficult to do without pain. Emphysema is an irreversible condition, but it can be treated so that it can be managed easier, but catching it early is a determining factor in how well it can be managed, over the remainder of a patient's life. A feeling of heaviness or tightness in the chest is a warning sign that should not be ignored, ever, and may indicate that the damage to the lungs has reached the critical point.

Want to know more about emphysema, and how it can be managed through treatment? The caring professionals at [http://www.trinityprimarycare.com/]Trinity Primary Care have the answers to all of your questions, so call them today for an immediate consultation. Also check out our new page [http://www.trinityprimarycare.com/PrimaryCare/Emphysema.aspx]Emphysema.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Early-Warning-Signs-And-Symptoms-Of-Emphysema-You-Should-Watch-Out-For&id=6908245] Early Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Emphysema You Should Watch Out For

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Why Should People With Breathing Disorders Like Emphysema Wear Medical ID Bracelets?

By Michael Derad

Emphysema can strike anyone at any age and unfortunately it is an irreversible degenerative condition. It is a condition that you have to learn to live with and ease for the rest of your life. Medical ID Bracelets are a very important part of your daily wardrobe if you suffer from this condition for a couple of reasons:

o You will be taking a cocktail of drugs to ease your symptoms these may have adverse interactions with other drugs that are administered during medical emergency treatment.

o Part of your treatment should be Pulmonary Rehabilitation which involves you firstly taking part in a group exercise program under medical supervision but you will need to follow this program up by exercising outside of a medical environment.

Medical ID Bracelets are looked for by emergency service staff especially if you are unconscious or unable to communicate with them when they are in attendance with you. With a flare-up of your Emphysema symptoms it is very hard to communicate anything due to your shortness of breath so you have to have a way to communicate your pre-existing condition and medication to the paramedics that are treating you. Customization of the bracelet is encouraged you can choose from different link styles, bracelet styles, the metal of your choice you can even add special medical alert symbol charms to the bracelet if you want.

These bracelets are an ideal gift to yourself or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. You need to get the information about your medical condition across as clearly as you can. Both sides of the bracelet are engraved and you should consider having the following information inscribed on it:

o Your name.

o Your Doctors contact number.

o Your medical condition.

o Any allergies that you have.

o The medication that you are on.

Medical ID Bracelets come in a variety of styles to suit any fashion statement that you may wish to make. Equally they can be as unobtrusive as you want. They all display the medical alert symbol which is what will draw the emergency services attention to your bracelet. For more info and available styles go to http://medicsalertbracelets.com

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Why-Should-People-With-Breathing-Disorders-Like-Emphysema-Wear-Medical-ID-Bracelets?&id=2478313] Why Should People With Breathing Disorders Like Emphysema Wear Medical ID Bracelets?

What Can the World's Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator Do for You?

By Jodi Fullerton

There is currently not a cure for emphysema. However, emphysema sufferers are now living better lives than ever before. The reason that so many people are living great lives in spite of their emphysema is thanks to the advances in portable oxygen technology. In the past, emphysema patients had to stay at home to receive the oxygen they needed. This meant that it was difficult for them to go anywhere, much less travel. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the effectiveness of modern portable concentrators, people with emphysema are now able to get the oxygen they need regardless of where they go. If you don't want to let emphysema stop you from enjoying life, you need to learn what the world's smallest portable oxygen concentrator can do for you.

Because of its descriptive name, this device does not need an introduction. While you may initially think its name is simply a marketing ploy, the size of this device is actually quite remarkable. It weighs less than five pounds. To put this into perspective, many concentrators that fall into the portable category weigh over fifteen pounds. Not only is it light, but it's also compact. This oxygen machine is less than ten inches high. Because it is so small and safe to use, the FAA has approved it for use during flights. This means that you use this concentrator during a trip, as well as actually using it on the flight to your destination.

In addition to its very small size, this concentrator provides multiple power options. The device can run on lithium ion batteries. If you are on the go during the day, you can depend on the batteries to provide you with hours of operation. You can also run this device on AC or DC power. That means that even though it's designed for travel, you will have no problem using this machine at your home.

While its tiny size and multiple power options are enough to interest most people in this device, it has plenty more to offer. Not only is it small, but it's also very quiet. Because is produces less than 50 dBA, you can use it without creating a disturbance. The oxygen concentration it provides ranges from 87% to 93%. Because of its oxygen quality, you will notice an improvement in how you feel as soon as you start using this device. And to give you full peace of mind, you will receive a three year warranty when you purchase this oxygen machine.

Since it's designed to be used on the go, this rel=nofollow [http://www.portableoxygenconcentratorsales.com]portable oxygen concentrator includes several travel accessories. Its custom carrying case will allow you to easily transport it wherever you want. The device also includes several straps. There are straps for your shoulder, your waist and its handle. Whether you're just running errands or taking a trip to another country, you'll love the portability of this oxygen device.

Renting and selling portable oxygen throughout the U.S.A. Authorized Dealer for [http://www.portableoxygenconcentratorsales.com/PortableOxygenConcentrators_p/lifechoice.htm]LifeChoice oxygen concentrators

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?What-Can-the-Worlds-Smallest-Portable-Oxygen-Concentrator-Do-for-You?&id=5613517] What Can the World's Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator Do for You?

Emphysema - Problem to Your Lungs

By Pauline Go

Emphysema is a lesser known disease, but of late it has become a number one cause for several deaths. It is a disease related to the pulmonary organs. It damages the lungs mainly because we are breathing in toxic gases. Some of the commonly known pulmonary diseases are bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

When a person has emphysema, they find it difficult to maintain normal breathing patterns. Several people suffer from a mild to extreme forms of emphysema actually and several have even lost their lives trying to fight the condition. Smoking is one of the most common reasons to cause this condition. Also people who breathe in secondhand smoke are susceptible to it. The high pollution levels in the atmosphere are another cause for the condition.

In some people, the lack of protein called the alpha-1 antitrypsin in the immune system also causes the condition. Some of the common symptoms of the condition are breathlessness when you climb stairs, having sudden bought of cough, wheezing, increase in the levels of mucus and hyperventilation. When a person is suffering from emphysema, you can notice a bluish tinge on the skin. They will also face loss of appetite and are generally tired.

If you are prone to emphysema or already have the symptoms, then you should quit smoking immediately. Also, do not stay in environments where there are smokers. Stay away from high pollution areas and also keep an air purifier in your home. If you have specific allergies, then take extra care.

There are some home remedies to treat this condition. However, it is best to first consult your doctor. The coughing associated with this condition can be cured by drinking tea brewed from garlic, fennel and rose hips. In order to clear chest congestion, you can rub eucalyptus oil or garlic oil on the chest. To help control mucus, you can take comfrey and fenugreek capsules.

Pauline Go is an online leading expert in medical industry. She also offers top quality tips like: [http://www.scumdoctor.com/disease-prevention/genetic-disorders/genetic/index.html]Laws of Mendel & [http://www.scumdoctor.com/disease-prevention/genetic-disorders/genetic/reproduction/index.html]Snail's Asexual Reproduction

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Emphysema---Problem-to-Your-Lungs&id=3366167] Emphysema - Problem to Your Lungs

COPD Emphysema Symptoms - Immediate Medical Attention Is Vital

By Michael Harrah

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the known medical conditions that can prevent people from having the best quality of their lives. this condition has COPD emphysema symptoms which are characterized by shortness of breath, presence of crackle as you breathe and even the feeling of being exhausted even without exertion. If you're wondering about it, the main cause of these symptoms is smoking and even pollution. Other causes include the possibility of being exposed to tubercle bacilli, the bacteria the cause tuberculosis, even without totally having this condition. With this condition, patients would find themselves exerting lots of effort on breathing alone. Other pulmonary conditions that may have this type of symptom are chronic problems like emphysema, bronchitis and asthma.

Patients show these COPD emphysema symptoms because of inflamed air passages on the pulmonary system. apart from just being inflamed, these passageways may also be damaged in the process. since this condition is a chronic condition, it means it will continue to occur even if they're treated and to put it in a simple way, it's incurable. While it will be an effort for the patient to breathe in, exhaling will also be difficult since sounds may produce as you breathe out. These are the instances when the patient would present wheezing. Physicians would just provide the right treatments that will make patients be more comfortable even with the presence of the symptoms.

Since your lungs are inflamed, it will become swollen and adds pressure on the trap air that you need to exhale. Since you're trying to breathe it out, it adds pain with the pressure which results to pain. It's very important for you to have your COPD emphysema symptoms treated in order to avoid other future problems. Continuous exertion on breathing and exhaling will only result to more damage on the air passageways because of the added pressure and result to more pain than the usual. So if you think that you're having breathing problems even while standing, make sure to visit a physician right away as it may be a sign of COPD and get immediate treatment.

Want to know more about [http://www.copdsymptoms.net/copd-emphysema-symptoms.html]COPD emphysema symptoms? Visit Michae l Harrah's site at http://www.copdsymptoms.net now to learn more exciting information.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?COPD-Emphysema-Symptoms---Immediate-Medical-Attention-Is-Vital&id=6008121] COPD Emphysema Symptoms - Immediate Medical Attention Is Vital